Clean-Burning Fuel is More Efficient

  • Want To Save Money? Better Mileage means you spend less at the pumps!
  • Shown To Reduce Emissions - great for the environment and your engine!
  • May Improve Engine Performance - extending catalytic converter life!
  • Magnets can improve fuel economy? You bet!

Spend $30 per week on gas? Save a tiny 5% and it would add up to $78 per year. Every year.

Special Discounts Available...

For school bus and fleets.  Lower cost up front and combined with the improved MPG...lower cost down the road.

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People have said...

I am definitely spending less on gas - Fuel-Buddy made a difference!

and a 10-year warranty!
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No Tools Required!

The Fuel-Buddy is so easy to install, anyone can do it! Download or view our Installation Instructions.