Nobody knows with absolute certainty all of the ways a magnetic field can affect a moving fluid. There are several theories, however one seems to be the most logical and widely accepted.

DeviceWhen a fluid (fuel, water) is passed through a properly aligned magnetic field, changes occur in the fluid on a molecular level. In fuel, the random molecular bonding of impurities is prevented. The dispersion of these molecules, sometimes referred to as "magnetic homogenization," allows the fuel to burn more completely.

The result: better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

The Theory of Operation:  Impurities in gasoline and diesel fuels "cluster" on the molecular level, preventing clean and efficient combustion. The Fuel Buddy's high-intensity magnetic field prevents this clustering, and results in a cleaner, more efficient, more "complete" burn.  Start saving money NOW!

Customers have convinced us! Year after year we have seen new and repeat customers who swear by the effects of magnetic fluid treatment on fuel, water - even wine. We have become believers and have opened a business as a result. That's being convinced!

"Magnetic Fuel Conditioning that results in just 3% fuel savings can quickly pay for itself. Customers have reported substantially higher returns."

  • Businesses and individuals have used this technology for over 40 years.
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